How to: Add the Inventory Integration to my subscription

ShippingEasy offers a simplified Inventory management solution, enabling you to track Product stock levels, store Suppliers' details, and manage Purchase Orders from start to finish. Learn more about ShippingEasy's Inventory Integration.

Best of all - it's completely FREE for 30 days! 

To add the Inventory Integration to your subscription:

  1. From any page in the account click SETTINGS.
  3. Scroll down to the "Available Add-Ons" section, locate Inventory Management. Toggle the greyed Off button into the 'On' position.
  4. Your subscription will be automatically updated to include access to the Inventory management features.
    NOTE: After you add Inventory Management to your account, ShippingEasy updates inventory committed levels based on all unshipped orders on the ORDERS page or READY TO SHIP in the account.
  5. The first month is FREE! After the first month free trial, you will be charged a monthly subscription (plus applicable taxes, if any) to Inventory Management.

Now you’re ready to start tracking your inventory! Schedule a call with an Implementation Specialist or click through these links for the next steps:

  1. Set initial stock levels for Products
  2. Sync my store(s) to real-time stock level updates
  3. Set up Low Stock Alerts
  4. Add Suppliers
  5. Assign Suppliers to Product SKUs
  6. Create a Purchase Order
  7. Set up SKU Aliases (optional)


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