How to: Edit a Purchase Order

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From input errors to changing inventory needs - if you ever need to edit a Purchase Order, we have you covered!

To edit a Purchase Order:

  1. Access your Purchase Orders by one of two ways - from the INVENTORY dashboard or the navigation menu:
    From the INVENTORY dashboard
    1. Click the INVENTORY tab on the blue navigation menu and select View All Purchase Orders.

    From the navigation bar:
    1. Click the INVENTORY tab on the blue navigation menu and select PURCHASE ORDERS from the drop down menu.

  2. From the PURCHASE ORDERS page, you can edit a Purchase Order by one of two ways - from the PURCHASE ORDERS overview page or the specific details page:
    From the PURCHASE ORDERS overview page:
    1. Locate the Purchase Order you need to edit. Then locate the "Actions" column and select the notepad icon. 

    From the details page for a specific Purchase Order:
    1. From the PURCHASE ORDERS overview page, locate the Purchase Order you wish to edit and click on the PO ID. 

    2. On the Purchase Order detail page, expand the Actions menu and select Edit PO.  

  3. Update the fields as needed.

  4. Click Save Purchase Order.


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