Release Notes thru 2016-09-27


  • Enhancement to the ShippingEasy API. Now, the image URL is included when product information is requested for an order. Learn more about the ShippingEasy API.
  • Improvements to CSV order uploads. Learn more about CSV order uploads.
    • ShippingEasy will automatically map columns from the CSV file to a saved mapping, if the file uploaded matches a saved mapping on the account. 
    • When a CSV file has been exported from Rakuten, the columns will be automatically mapped to the correct ShippingEasy fields.
  • The Pick List "Arrange Columns" modal has been updated to include the Barcode options at the top of the list. Learn more about adding Barcodes to Pick Lists.
  • Added an automatic email notification that is sent when a Starter account opts into a free trial of the Basic plan. This free trial is started by clicking a banner displayed on the ORDERS page. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading from Starter to Basic.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the Product field "Country of Manufacture". Now, both 2 and 3 letter country codes are supported on international customs forms.
  • Resolved an issue rewarding EasyReferral credits. Now, all EasyReferral credits are correctly applied. If you believe you are owed an EasyReferral credit, contact us at Learn more about EasyReferral.
  • Changes to internal handling of bulk Low Stock changes for faster updates. 
  • Updated the "Get a Demo" link on the Inventory Management modal to show the demo options for existing accounts. Sign up for an Inventory Management demo.
  • Updated the automatic email notification that is sent when an account opts into a free trial of Inventory Management. This free trial is started by clicking a banner displayed on the ORDERS page. Learn more about Inventory Management.
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