How to: Add a Barcode to your Pick List

If you frequently use pick lists, adding an order number or item SKU barcode to your pick list can save you time and help make the picking process more efficient. This can be very helpful if your store uses an external inventory management system like Groovepacker that deducts orders once a barcode is scanned.

To add a barcode to your pick list:

  1. From the navigation bar, select the SETTINGS icon.
  2. Under "Label Sizes & Printing Options", click PICK LISTS.
  3. In the formatting section, locate the Barcode Type field. Expand the menu to choose the barcode type you want to use.
    The barcode options include:
    • Bookland
    • Code 128
    • Code 25
    • Code 25 IATA
    • Code 25 Int
    • Code 39
    • Code 93
    • EAN 13
    • EAN 8
    • UPC Supplemental
  4. Within the "Column Selection" section, click the blue Edit button.
  5. The ARRANGE COLUMNS dialog will appear. Determine which Barcode you would like to display:
    • Order #: this will reference the order number
    • Item SKU: this will reference the item SKU
    • Amazon #: this will reference the item's Amazon Order Number
  6. Move the Barcode option from "Available columns" to "Show columns in this order".
  7. Arrange the columns in the sequence you want them to appear on the pick lists. The topmost option will be the left-most column.

    For example, this shipper will have columns displayed in the following order on their picklist.
  8. Once finished, click the blue Update button.
  9. If you'd like to preview the size and placement of the barcodes, select the blue Preview button.
  10. Once you're satisfied, click the blue Save button.



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