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Release Notes thru 2016-09-13


  • Updated the "Oops" and "Not Found (404)" pages in the app with new graphics.
  • Enhancements to ShippingEasy API. Additional SKU information can be specified per line item. This allows for better handling of bundled SKUs and SKU aliases. Learn more about the ShippingEasy API.
  • Resolved an error with the Rate Calculator. Some users experienced problems viewing the Rate Calculator if they edited weights on the ORDERS page immediately before. Now, the Rate Calculator is correctly displayed, even right after editing order weights.
  • Enhancement to Low Stock Threshold tools. Now, when a Low Stock Threshold is set via a bulk action, all affected products will be automatically updated. Bulk actions include uploading a Product CSV file, changing the global Low Stock Threshold setting, editing a Product Category, or editing Product SKU with multiple SKU variants. Learn more about Low Stock Thresholds
  • Added option to link products between ShippingEasy and eBay. Located within STORES & ORDERS settings, the "Link Products" button will trigger ShippingEasy to link all SKUs in the Products catalog to the store. This allows inventory updates to be sent to the store. Learn more.
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