How to: Add a Supplier

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ShippingEasy's Inventory Management solution helps you manage your suppliers. Any company (or person) that you source your products from can be entered into ShippingEasy as a Supplier. Before you can create a Purchase Order and re-order your items in ShippingEasy, you first need to set up and save your Suppliers in your Supplier database. 

How to: Add individual Products

  1. Access the ADD SUPPLIER page by one of two ways - from the INVENTORY dashboard or the navigation menu:
    From the INVENTORY dashboard:
    1. Click the INVENTORY tab on the blue navigation menu and select the + Add Supplier link.

    From the navigation bar:
    1. Hover over the INVENTORY tab on the blue navigation menu and select SUPPLIERS from the drop down menu.

    2. Then select the + Add Supplier button. 

  2. The ADD SUPPLIER page will populate with a few required fields and a few optional fields. 

    Required Fields:

    • Name
    NOTE: the more fields you fill in, the more details that will be pre-populated on all Purchase Orders for this Supplier. You will have the option to override the default address and contact on individual Purchase Orders.
  3. Select Save Supplier

Your supplier has now been saved and you're ready to add a purchase order!


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