Release Notes thru 2016-08-16


  • Enhanced the READY TO SHIP load bar. This search bar is used to pull an order from the ORDERS page to the READY TO SHIP page. Now, after a label is purchased, the cursor will be put back into the load bar. This makes it faster to pull up the next order. Learn more about the load bar.
  • Added a new store type, Sassy Steals, to support the integration built by Sassy Steals. Previously Sassy Steals stores had to be integrated via the ShippingEasy API store type. Learn more about integrating Sassy Steals with ShippingEasy.
  • Enhanced the registration process to more clearly indicate that two Endicia accounts will be created. Learn more about the two Endicia accounts.
  • Changed the default for displaying product options on order line items. Now, all newly created stores in ShippingEasy will have the "Display Product Options" box checked. This allows ShippingEasy to show product details, such as size and color, with the order details. Learn more about displaying product options.
  • Resolved an issue impacting duplicate shipments. Now, if a shipment is duplicated from SHIPMENT HISTORY, it can be removed from the READY TO SHIP page at any time.
  • Resolved an issue affecting new account registration via BigCommerce's App store. Now, new accounts can be created by installing the ShippingEasy single-click application for BigCommerce. Learn more about using ShippingEasy as a BigCommerce app.
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