How to: Set up a separate user for Magento (2.x) integrations

If you require additional security when setting up your Magento (2.x) integration, setting up a dedicated user with specific access and permissions is a great way to accomplish this. To set this up, you’ll need to create a new user and assign that new user a new role within Magento first.

To set up a separate user login for Magento (2.x) integration:

  1. Login to your Magento store using your Administrator account. This is usually the account you used to create your Magento store.

  2. First we need to create a new “role” with the right permissions before you can create the new user. Go to System, then select User Roles

  3. Click Add New Role.

  4. On the Role Information page, enter in a new name for Role Name and the password is your administrative password. This verifies that you are the right person to create this new role.

  5. Go to Role Resources. Here you will need to select the permissions groups, including Sales, Products, and Stores

  6. Then click Save Role.

  7. Now it's time to create a new user. Go to System, then select All Users.

  8. Click Add New User.

  9. Fill out the information requested. When asked for password, use your administrative password.

  10. Lastly, we need to assign the new role to the new user you created. Go to Settings, then select User Roles.

  11. Then select the "new role" you created. 

  12. Take the user email and password of the account you just created and go to SETTINGS>STORES in ShippingEasy to modify your current Magento integration or create a new one.


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