How to: Set up Low Stock Alerts

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ShippingEasy's Inventory Management solution simplifies that task of monitoring your stock levels. Not only can you track your current levels, but you can also set up alerts for when your stock levels reach a Low Stock Threshold.

Once a Low Stock Threshold has been set for your Products, ShippingEasy will notify you when your stock levels drop below this level. This notice will appear in the ALERTS at the top of your account.

How to: Set up a universal Low Stock Threshold for all Products

  1. From the navigation page, click the SETTINGS tab.
  3. Within the Stock level threshold field, adjust the number to set the minimum quantity you wish to keep on hand for all products.
  4. Save the change.

How to: Add a Low Stock Threshold to individual Products

  1. Navigate to the INVENTORY tab, then select the PRODUCTS page from drop down menu.

  2. On the PRODUCTS page, locate the product you wish to update. Then click on the blue product name

  3. On the product details page, expand the Actions menu and select Edit product.
  4. In the Low Stock Threshold field, enter the minimum quantity you wish to have on hand for this product.
  5. Click the Save Product button.

How to: Add a Low Stock Threshold to multiple Products via a CSV upload

  1. Prepare a CSV file for your Products, with a column dedicated to "Low Stock Threshold". Learn more about which fields can be included in a CSV upload of Products. Within this column, note the Low Stock Threshold for each of your Product SKUs.
  2. Upload the CSV file of Products to ShippingEasy. Learn how to upload a CSV file of Product SKUs.


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