Shipping to Canada if Canada Post strikes | FAQs

Should Canada Post strike, we wanted to provide information to help you consider and handle Canadian deliveries. In the event of the strike, USPS will continue to transport the shipments to the Canadian border though the shipments will wait at the border until the strike is resolved.

What options do I have to ship my Canadian orders without Canada Post?

Most USPS International services require Canada Post to deliver the package once it crosses the border – with the exception of Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) - where final transportation and delivery in Canada is completed by FedEx. Unfortunately, our label server does not support GXG labels. That said, 16,000 retail locations across the United States do support GXG. We recommend checking with your local Post Office if you’d like to ship GXG.

NOTE: GXG is a fast but pricey service. Learn more on

Alternatively, UPS and FedEx will continue to deliver to Canada. If you have a UPS or FedEx account, you can continue to generate labels and your shipments will continue to be delivered.

Do I need to change anything on my ShippingEasy account?

You are not required to change anything on your ShippingEasy account. Despite the potential strike at Canada Post, you will still be able to generate labels for Canadian shipments. In the event of the strike, the shipment will merely wait at the Canadian border until the strike is over.

To ship with UPS or FedEx, you’ll need to make sure your UPS or FedEx account is connected to access your negotiated rates. These articles from our Knowledge Base will show you how to connect if you are not connected already:

Alternatively, if you have a UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance account connected, you can use this service to ship. Learn how to connect a UPS One Balance account.

Once the account(s) is connected, you’ll see UPS, UPS One Balance and/or FedEx available from the Carrier drop-down on the READY TO SHIP page. You can pick the Carrier and Service like you would for USPS.

To make it even easier, set up a Shipping Rule to automatically assign UPS or FedEx to Canadian orders.

This will ensure that when an order pulls into your ShippingEasy account with a Destination Address in Canada, we will automatically assign the UPS or FedEx Saved Selection so all you need to do is print the label! Learn how to set up this rule.

Where can I find more about how USPS is affected by the Canada Post strike?

USPS is updating their USPS Service Alerts page HERE. On the right side of the page, you’ll see “International Mailers”. Select “Canada from there for the most up-to-date information.

Additional tips:

 ShippingEasy users have shared some useful tips that you might like to consider.

  • Add a notification to your website to alert your Canadian customers to the potential delivery delay due to the Canada Post strike
  • Eliminate Canadian delivery/orders to Canada until the Canada Post strike has ended

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UPDATE: Per, the notice period has been extended to Monday, July 11th. With this news, the strike will not begin until July 11th if a resolution is not reached before. 

You can read the update from Canada Post HERE.

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UPDATE: Canada Post has withdrawn the lockout notice and negotiations continue. As of July 12th, it looks like there will be no strike. We'll continue to update should this change. 

You can read more HERE

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UPDATE: Though talks between the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and Canada Post continue, the union's strike mandate expires on August 25th. We'll update as we learn more over the next few days. 

You can read more HERE

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UPDATE: Even though the strike mandate expired on August 25th, there has been no interruption to the mail stream. Should the union take action, they have proposed (what we're referring to as) a mail "slow down" where they could refuse to work overtime on a rotating basis through the difference provinces.


You can read more HERE.  

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