Release Notes thru 2016-08-02


  • Added support for Custom Fields. Up to three Custom Fields can be saved to orders, referred to as Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, and Custom Field 3. Custom Fields can only be saved to orders when they are uploaded via CSV file or entered manually one-by-one. These extra fields allow shippers to store and access additional data with their orders. Support for Custom Fields includes the following tools:
    • Add as columns to the ORDERS page 
    • Search on the ORDERS page
    • Use as a Shipping Rule condition 
    • Include in custom Reports
    • Code into Packing Slip and Email Templates
  • Added a "Rate Calculator" link in the upper-left corner on every page in the app. This enhancement to the Browse Rates tool enables users to access rate quotes without an order.  Learn more.


  • Enhanced Magento v2.x integration. The Products catalog will be automatically populated with Magento v2.x product data. Learn more.
  • Enhanced Shopify integration. The change impacts orders edited within ShippingEasy. If the line items on a Shopify order are edited, then ShippingEasy will not update specific line item information to Shopify. This allows Shopify to mark the entire order as fulfilled, rather than just the unedited line items. Learn more.
  • Added a new method to set up ACH billing on an Endicia account. This option is available within ShippingEasy, on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. It enables users to set up ACH billing without leaving the ShippingEasy app. Learn more.
  • Added the option to generate Pick Lists or Packing Slips for up to 10,000 orders at a time. These options are available on the ORDERS page, from the "Pick & Pack" menu. When either "Print Pick List - All Orders" or "Print Packing Slips - All Orders" are selected, every order on the ORDERS page, that meets the current filter conditions, will be included in the print job. This is an enhancement to an update made on June 14, 2016. Learn more.
  • Resolved an issue with the Browse Rates tool on the READY TO SHIP page. Now, ShippingEasy will display the correct residential or commercial services and rates for UPS and FedEx.
  • Resolved an issue impacting some Magento v1.x orders. Now, orders containing ordered (sequenced) product options will be downloaded to ShippingEasy.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the ability to purchase Shipsurance on RR Donnelley shipments. Now, Shipsurance insurance coverage can be purchased for RR Donnelley shipments. 
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