Can ShippingEasy send inventory updates to my store?

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Yes. ShippingEasy's Inventory Management tools allow you to sync your inventory levels between ShippingEasy and your store. Learn more about the Inventory integration.

Currently, this two-way sync is supported for the following platforms:

In order for the inventory updates sent by ShippingEasy to be displayed in your store, you'll first need to enable inventory tracking on each of your products. Learn more about enabling inventory tracking.

Enabling this setting means that ShippingEasy controls your available inventory quantities. Any updates to your inventory levels should be made directly within ShippingEasy. If you edit the amount of inventory you have available on your sales channel directly, ShippingEasy will override these updates.

ShippingEasy will consolidate inventory levels from all your store platforms based on the products included in the orders received by ShippingEasy. Then updates will be sent to your store every 10 minutes.


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