Will Shopify products marked for third party fulfillment sync into ShippingEasy?

No. Shopify allows for fulfillment to be configured on a product level. ShippingEasy will only sync line items containing products with a "Fulfillment service" set to "manual". This ensures that only the products you intend to fulfill yourself and ship through ShippingEasy are synced.

If you notice that orders and/or line items you wish to fulfill yourself and ship through ShippingEasy will not sync, there are a couple of options:

Edit your fulfillment preferences on a product level:
  1. Log into Shopify. Then go to Products.
  2. Select the product you wish to edit. Then scroll down to "Shipping" and locate the Fulfillment service field.
    • For products you will fulfill and ship via ShippingEasy: toggle the Fulfillment service field to "manual".
    • For products you need to be fulfilled through a third party: toggle the Fulfillment service field to the responsible third party.
      If you do not see these options, it is because a third-party fulfillment service has not been configured for your Shopify account. Find more tips to troubleshoot syncing Shopify orders.
Edit your fulfillment preference for all products:
  1. Log into Shopify.
  2. Then go to Settings >> Shipping Delivery.
  3. Go down to Accounts and Integrations
  4. Under Carrier Accounts and Fulfillment Services, click the Manage Integrations link.
  5. Select Custom Order Fulfillment.


Future orders that would have been affected by this setting will now sync with ShippingEasy. However, any existing orders that failed to sync will still not sync.

If you have unshipped orders that will not sync, please add them to ShippingEasy manually:

  • All accounts have the option to enter these one at a time via the QUICK SHIP tab, located on the blue navigation bar. Learn more.
  • Basic and higher accounts also have the option to upload a CSV file containing all missing Shopify orders:
    1. First, you will need to export your Shopify orders to a CSV file. Learn more.
    2. Second, upload this file to ShippingEasy. Learn more.

Once the orders have been inputted manually, they can be shipped as usual.

You may want to review your Manual Order store settings before processing labels. To do so, go to SETTINGS >> STORE & ORDERS and click the Edit store settings link under the Manual Orders store.

manual orders edit store settings.PNG


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