Release Notes thru 2016-05-24

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  • Added new print options to the ORDERS page. The Pick & Pack menu features:
    • Print Pick List - All Orders
    • Print Packing Slips - All Orders
    These options print all filtered orders, allowing merchants to print more than 200 orders at a time. This initial release is capped at a maximum of 1,000 orders at a time. If more than 1,000 orders are filtered, an error message is displayed.
  • The 3dcart integration has been updated to use 3dcart's new API, as they transition from SOAP to REST technology. Learn more about these API changes. Existing ShippingEasy subscribers, with an integrated 3dcart store, will need to migrate over to the new integration technology. Learn more about the new 3dcart integration


  • Changed the shipment "Title" that ShippingEasy provides for shipment notifications back to Magento. Magento merchants will now see simpler descriptions appended to their orders once shipped.
  • Changed handling of Shopify products that have been marked for third party fulfillment. Now, line items consisting of products that have been designated for fulfillment by a third party will not sync with ShippingEasy. Learn more. 
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