Why are there two different 3dcart integrations in ShippingEasy?

3dcart is a great platform for selling your products online. The developers of 3dcart originally built software that allows third-parties like ShippingEasy to access your 3dcart order data using a protocol known as SOAP. Availability of this software, commonly referred as an "API" (for "Application Programming Interface"), is critical for ShippingEasy to be able to integrate with 3dcart. 

In November 2015, 3dcart announced that they will eventually discontinue support for their SOAP API. 3dcart has built a new API, using an industry protocol known as REST.

ShippingEasy has built an additional integration to 3dcart that uses the new 3dcart REST API, resulting in two 3dcart integrations within ShippingEasy.

How can I tell which integration I am using?

ShippingEasy's older SOAP-based integration is referred to as our "legacy" 3dcart integration. So on the ORDERS page or SHIPMENT HISTORY page, if you point your mouse to the entry for a 3dcart store, the popup will display the store type.

For a legacy 3dcart store using the SOAP-based integration, the popup shows 3dcart (Legacy):


For a 3dcart store using the REST-based integration, the popup just shows 3dcart:


Can I add a new 3dcart store to my ShippingEasy account using the old SOAP-based legacy integration in ShippingEasy?

No. With the release of ShippingEasy's new REST-based integration, the older SOAP-based legacy integration will no longer be available for adding new 3dcart stores in ShippingEasy.

Will my 3dcart store that uses the SOAP-based legacy integration still work correctly?

Yes. Eventually 3dcart will force all customers to use the new REST-based integration, but for now legacy integrations still work just fine. 

ShippingEasy will provide you with ample notification before discontinuing support for the SOAP-based legacy 3dcart integration.

Will ShippingEasy automatically convert my 3dcart store from the older SOAP-based legacy integration to the new REST-based integration?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. 3dcart requires a different set of credentials for access to their new REST-based technology and only 3dcart's customers have access to those credentials. So moving from the legacy 3dcart integration to the new integration cannot be done automatically - each customer will have to follow the necessary steps to convert.

If I want to move from the legacy 3dcart integration to the new 3dcart integration, is there anything I need to be aware of?

Yes, you need to be careful about the timing of the switch. The goal is to move to the new integration without being tripped up by duplicate orders.

Follow these steps for a successful transition.

  1. Disable automatic downloads on your legacy 3dcart store.
  2. Ship all 3dcart orders.
  3. Make a note of the most recent order that you shipped.
  4. Disconnect your legacy 3dcart store.
  5. Add your 3dcart store back to ShippingEasy, which will use the new integration. Note that by default, ShippingEasy loads multiple days worth of orders into all newly created stores. So you will see some of the orders that you already shipped using the legacy 3dcart integration. You can delete those orders from the ORDERS page.
  6. Adjust any shipping rules that referenced your legacy 3dcart store so that they now reference your new 3dcart store.

Are there any differences between the features in the older legacy 3dcart integration and the new 3dcart integration?

Yes. The age displayed for a 3dcart order using our new integration is much more precise, so this article about the age displayed for a 3dcart order only applies to our legacy integration.

Also, this article about how the "New" order status is handled only applies to our legacy 3dcart integration.


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3dCart is saying that they need to move our shopping cart from a microsoft Access database to a Microsoft SQL database.  Will shipping easy work with this new database?

"You can contact shipping easy for more information on how the API is being used. Make them aware that your database is going from Microsoft Access to Microsoft SQL and you want to verify everything is working after."


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Hello Bindu, and thank you for posting to our support center.

Our Product Team assures us that the 3dcart integration is not dependent on the type of Microsoft server your shopping cart is powered by.

You should expect to see no interruption in your 3dcart integration with ShippingEasy, once your shopping cart has been moved to the Microsoft SQL server.


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Hello, I followed the steps detailed here, but when I hover over the new integration on the Orders page, I still get "xxxx.3dcarstores.com." Looks like I'm still on the SOAP-based integration.

Note that I archived my 3dcart store in ShippingEasy and started a brand new integration; I didn't just re-enable the old one. That wasn't clear in the instructions, but it seemed sensible.

Also, I had to delete my ShippingEasy integration in the REST API module in 3dcart. I then created a new one and grabbed the token from there.

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Hello Jeff, and thank you for posting in our support center!

When you hover over your new 3Dcart store integration, does it list (Legacy) in parenthesis? If not, then you are using the new REST-based integration.

If you do see (Legacy) listed there, can you try integrating once more using the step-by-step instructions in the link below.

How to: Integrate 3dcart with ShippingEasy

Thank you!

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