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What is ACH billing?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. In short, it is a way of paying directly through your bank account. ACH is made possible by a network of financial institutions and supports more than 90% of the total value of all electronic payments in the U.S. (as of Oct. 2015). Many U.S. consumers and employees are familiar with it though the use of Direct Deposit and Direct Payment via ACH.

Learn more about the ACH network from the National Automated Clearing House Association.

When can I elect to pay by ACH in ShippingEasy?

Endicia provides the option to fund USPS postage balance purchases through bank drafts via ACH.

How does ACH benefit me?

Order revenue covers shipping costs:

Most merchants prefer to use their order revenue to cover postage costs. Since ACH is a way of paying directly through your bank account, it enables you to fund your postage costs with the money you make on sales, instead of your credit line.

Simplify the payment process:

ACH has all the convenience of automatic bill pay, but the amounts are incremental and as needed. This way, there's no need to manage multiple credit card statements or worry about maxing out your card.

Only set the payment method once:

When credit cards expire, it requires additional resources from your team to ensure that your business can continue to meet it's financial obligations. With ACH billing, nothing expires. Connect your bank account to your Endicia accounts one time and you're set for the life of that account!

Why switch to ACH?

For starters, there are the great benefits detailed above! Beyond the time savings and convenience ACH provides to your business, it helps ShippingEasy too. When you set up ACH payments for your postage purchases, we can dedicate more resources to developing ShippingEasy. That means a better app for you!

How do I set up ACH payment for my USPS postage purchases with Endicia?

Set up takes just a few minutes and once it's set - you'll never need to update it again for the life of your bank account.

NOTE: ACH payments will need to be configured for each of your Endicia accounts. However, it's only necessary to configure ACH billing one time per each Endicia account. Once it's been set up via one method (ShippingEasy or it does not need to be configured a second time for the same account.

The easiest method is available within ShippingEasy. Click here for our illustrated set up guide.

If you prefer to set up ACH billing from within your account, the steps are outlined here.

How do I troubleshoot issues setting up ACH billing?

If you are setting up ACH billing from within ShippingEasy, please take a look at our troubleshooting guide.

If you are setting up ACH billing via, please try to connect via ShippingEasy instead. Find the steps to connect via ShippingEasy.


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