How to: Update Product stock levels

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ShippingEasy's Inventory Management solution makes it easy for you to track your stock levels. Though before you enable inventory tracking for your store, you first need to update the current stock levels for each of your Products.

When your ShippingEasy account is first activated with Inventory Management, all of your products will have their total stock set to zero. So setting initial stock levels is a critical step in accurate inventory tracking. Stock levels can be set one-by-one for individual products or uploaded for multiple products with a CSV file.

TIP: if you are new to using the Product Catalog, learn how to add items to your Product Catalog

How to: Update stock for an individual product

  1. Navigate to the INVENTORY tab, then select PRODUCTS from the drop down menu.


  2. Click on the blue "SKU" or "Name" of the product you want to update the stock for. 


  3. On the EDIT PRODUCTS page, click the Adjust Stock button at the top-right of the SKU information.


  4. In the "Manually adjust stock" modal, select Override to update the total stock for your product.

  5. After you have entered the Quantity and Reason (if applicable) for the manual stock adjustment, click the Submit button.

Stock levels will now be added to your products!

How to: Update stock for multiple products via CSV file

  1. Create a CSV file that includes at least two columns: SKUs and Stock. In the "Stock" column, enter the total amount of stock you have. ShippingEasy will use the SKU field to update or add to your records. Learn more about available data fields or download an example CSV file.

  2. With your CSV file ready to go, navigate to the PRODUCTS page.

  3. Click the grey Upload Products link. 

  4. From the CSV file menu, click Browse. After selecting your file, click Upload file.

  5. On the UPLOAD CSV: PRODUCT IMPORT" page, map the "Source Column" to the "ShippingEasy Column". Then select Continue.

  6. Your file will be displayed in the "Current Uploads" section.  Once ShippingEasy has finished processing the data, a green READY button will appear.  Click the button.

  7. You'll have the option to review the data and existing SKUs will be highlighted in orange.  Edit any fields that require an additional update by clicking the field.  An edit dialog will appear. 

  8. Once all the data looks in order, click the Complete Upload button.

Stock levels will now be added to your products!


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