Release Notes thru 2016-07-06


  • Added support for integrating Magento stores built on Magento 2 technology. Existing Magento v1.x store owners do not need to make any changes to their integration with ShippingEasy. However, any merchants using Magento v2.x store technology can now integrate with ShippingEasy. Learn how to integrate a Magento 2.x store with ShippingEasy.


  • Internal enhancements to the ShippingEasy API.
  • Resolved issue impacting new Shopify integrations. Now, the previous 14 days worth of unfulfilled orders will sync upon completion of a new Shopify integration.
  • Resolved issue affecting orders on the ORDERS page which have a rate quote and have been updated in store. Now, when an order address is updated in store, the update is received by ShippingEasy and the rate quote is updated to reflect the new destination address. Find out which stores support unshipped order updates and how to configure rate quotes on the ORDERS page.
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