How to: Integrate LuLaRoe with ShippingEasy

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LuLaRoe is a popular fashion line driven by a network of fashion consultants. ShippingEasy makes fulfillment easy with a suite of tools and discounted shipping rates.

Use this guide to register a new account as a LuLaRoe merchant.
NOTE: existing ShippingEasy users do not need to add the LulaRoe store as orders are added manually. 

If you are registering a ShippingEasy account for the first time:

  1. When registering your ShippingEasy account, you will be immediately prompted for your store information. From the Platform menu, select LuLaRoe

  2. Select Save & Continue to complete account registration. Learn more.
IMPORTANT: ShippingEasy does not presently integrate directly with LuLaRoe, so orders cannot be automatically downloaded. Rather, orders will be added manually. If you are interested in using a direct integration with LuLaRoe and ShippingEasy, please share your feedback with LuLaRoe.

Now you're ready to customize your account and start shipping! We recommend starting with these LuLaRoe shipping tutorials:

If you have an existing ShippingEasy account:

Presently there is no need to add a LuLaRoe store to your ShippingEasy account. ShippingEasy hopes to integrate directly with LuLaRoe in the future. If you are a LuLaRoe merchant interested in a direct integration with ShippingEasy, please share your feedback with LuLaRoe. 


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