Release Notes thru 2016-04-26



  • Resolved issue impacting Shopify stores. ShippingEasy will no longer sync in a line item for a Shopify order that has been refunded. Only the non-refunded line items will be listed on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy.
    NOTE: if a line item on an order is refunded after having synced, the line item will not be automatically removed from the order in ShippingEasy. For users that frequently refund line items, it is advised to turn off automatic order downloads in ShippingEasy. Then opt to manually sync Shopify orders after processing refunds. Learn more.
  • Changes to USPS customs Form 2976-A and Form 2976-B. The number of allowed characters for several address lines have been reduced from 30 to 27. This is necessary to ensure that address lines are not truncated. The address lines affected are the those that combine:
    • City, Province, and Postal Code
    • Recipient Name and Company Name (these are combined when Address Line 2 is present in the address)
  • Resolved issue impacting international shipments processed through iAbol. Now, customs item weights are reported to 5 digits of precision. This applies to iAbol provided international labels purchased for Globegistics, RR Donnelley, and APC.
  • Enhancements to account registration.
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