Best of Rules: Assign carrier based on Destination Country

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To setup a shipping rule that assigns a specific Saved Selection (carrier/service/packaging combination) to orders that are being sent to a specific country, follow these easy steps. 

NOTE: You must first create your desired Saved Selection to then apply to this Shipping Rule. Learn how to create a Saved Selection here.
  1. Navigate to SETTINGS tab and select SHIPPING RULES

  2. On the SHIPPING RULES page, select the blue Add New button:

  3. In the field Rule Name, enter a name that describes this rule, such as "Canada rule".

  4. Set the "IF" condition to look for the specific country you want to assign to a specific carrier. In this example, we use Canada.

  5. Set the "THEN" action to Set saved carrier selection and select from the menu to the right. 

  6. Save your new rule! This rule will be applied to all future orders that are synced or added into ShippingEasy.  

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