Release Notes thru 2016-04-19


  • The BigCommerce integration has been updated to use ShippingEasy's current store integration technology. This has no impact on the features provided with the integration.
  • Changes to USPS customs Form 2976-A and Form 2976-B. The number of allowed characters for several address lines have been reduced from 30 to 27. The address lines affected are the Company Name, Address Line 1, and Address Line 2. This is necessary to ensure that address lines are not truncated.
  • Additional support added for DHL Express. Rates can now be accessed through International Logistics Solutions. Detailed documentation has been added:
  • Updated our database of USPS zip-to-zone data.
  • Internal server and database updates.
  • Resolved issues impacting Shopify stores:
    • If a Shopify order contains products with negative weights, the line items for those products will be displayed in ShippingEasy with a weight of zero.
    • If a Shopify store was originally integrated with an incorrect URL, the store can be re-connected with the correct URL.
  • Resolved issue found on USPS shipments to Canada caused by using the full name of the Canadian province. Now, the two-character province abbreviation will be used on labels to Canada.
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