Force Reconnect or Reauthenticate My Store | How To

On rare occasions, you may need to force reconnect, or reauthenticate, your store integration with ShippingEasy.

In these cases, you will either be directed to this article:

  • from another troubleshooting guide within this Support Center
  • by a ShippingEasy Customer Success Advisor

Force reconnect will work for any platform in which ShippingEasy pulls order data.

There are some platforms that integrate with ShippingEasy via a separate plugin. This other type of integration sends the order data to ShippingEasy. For those platforms, force reconnect will not work. Find a list of platforms that cannot be helped via the steps below.


To force reconnect a store:

  1. Log into ShippingEasy.
  2. In the top right corner of the app, go to SETTINGS.
  3. On the SETTINGS page, select STORES & ORDERS.
  4. Locate the affected store. It may or may not be shown as disconnected.
  5. Click the link to Edit store settings.
  6. Within the URL address bar, replace the text /edit with /reconnect and select Enter on the keyboard.
    The address bar will show:


    Update address bar to:


  7. On the RECONNECT STORE page, follow normal steps to connect your store. Find your store's integration guide.


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