Which USPS Endorsements are available on UPS Mail Innovations shipments?

For domestic UPS Mail Innovations shipments, a USPS endorsement can be specified for some service/package combinations.

The available USPS endorsements are:

  • Address Service Requested
  • Change Service Requested
  • Forwarding Service Requested
  • No Endorsement

Those endorsements are available when using the Expedited Mail Innovations service with one of these package types:

  • BPM Parcels
  • Irregulars
  • Machineables
  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Post

When using Expedited Mail Innovations with BPM Flat or Standard Flat packaging, no USPS endorsements are supported. 

The domestic Priority Mail and First Class Mail Innovations services do not require USPS endorsements.

None of the UPS Mail Innovations international services support USPS endorsements.


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