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UPS Mail Innovations is a combined effort between UPS and USPS. With UPS Mail Innovations, packages are picked up by UPS and delivered to you by USPS. This service allows for more flexible and convenient deliveries.

UPS Mail Innovation features
  • No Customs Forms: UPS Mail Innovations shipments do not require a separate customs form. Instead, the customs information is printed right on the label itself.
  • No End of Day report or Manifest: Since ShippingEasy uses software provided by UPS for creating UPS Mail Innovations shipping labels, the information about each of your shipments is transmitted to UPS when you create each shipping label. So there is no End of Day report or Manifest needed.
UPS Mail Innovation limitations
  • No carrier insurance: UPS does not provide any coverage for UPS Mail Innovation shipments. You can, however, purchase insurance through Shipsurance, our partner for shipment insurance. Be sure to review the Shipsurance Terms of Use.
  • No return labels: Since UPS Mail Innovations is a contracted service, UPS does not support creating a prepaid UPS Mail Innovations return label.
  • No rate quote: The software that UPS makes available to third-parties such as ShippingEasy does not provide shipping rates for UPS Mail Innovations shipments. As a result, you will not see a cost on the READY TO SHIP, READY TO PRINT, or SHIPMENT HISTORY pages in ShippingEasy for your UPS Mail Innovations shipments.

What value is used for the Cost Center on a UPS Mail Innovations shipment label?

A Cost Center number is displayed on all UPS Mail Innovations shipping labels:

UPS from ShippingEasy One Balance does not support UPS Mail Innovations.
To configure your Cost Center number:
  1. Click on ONE BALANCE AND CARRIERS in the upper right-hand corner.

  2. Scroll down to the entry for UPS and then click the Manage Account link.
  3. Fill in your Cost Center.
  4. Click the Save button.

Which USPS Endorsements are available on UPS Mail Innovations shipments?

For domestic UPS Mail Innovations shipments, a USPS endorsement can be specified for some service/package combinations.

The available USPS endorsements are:

  • Address Service Requested
  • Change Service Requested
  • Forwarding Service Requested
  • No Endorsement

Those endorsements are available when using the Expedited Mail Innovations service with one of these package types:

  • BPM Parcels
  • Irregulars
  • Machineables
  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Post

When using Expedited Mail Innovations with BPM Flat or Standard Flat packaging, no USPS endorsements are supported. 

The domestic Priority Mail and First Class Mail Innovations services do not require USPS endorsements.

None of the UPS Mail Innovations international services support USPS endorsements.

Which USPS add-on services are available on UPS Mail Innovations shipments?

The only UPS Mail Innovations service that has an option for a USPS add-on service is Expedited Mail Innovations, and only when selecting the Media Mail or BPM Parcels package types. The only USPS add-on available for those package types is Delivery Confirmation. 

Attempting to add Delivery Confirmation to a Mail Innovations shipment that has an unsupported package type will result in this error message: The selected packaging is not valid with the requested accessory option.

What value is used for the Package ID on a UPS Mail Innovations shipment label?

The order number is used as the Package ID on a UPS Mail Innovations shipment.

If the order had no order number, then "ID" is printed as the Package ID.

What do I need to know about international shipments?

Is the two-part UPS Mail Innovations international label available in ShippingEasy?

No. Based on feedback from customers and the staff at UPS Mail Innovations, for international shipments, ShippingEasy always prints the single 4x6 shipping label which includes customs information.

Can I include more than 1 customs line item on a UPS Mail Innovations shipment label?

Yes! UPS Mail Innovations allows for multiple line items to be included on customs forms.

Is customs information transmitted electronically for UPS Mail Innovations shipments?

Yes, for all countries for which electronic transmission of customs information is supported, the customs information for your UPS Mail Innovations shipments will be sent automatically as part of the creation of your shipping label.

For a list of which countries support the electronic transmission of customs information, contact your UPS Mail Innovations account manager.

Why is the Signature line not filled in on international UPS Mail Innovations shipments?

The software provided by UPS to third parties for creating Mail Innovations shipments does support specifying a shipper name for the signature line of a UPS Mail Innovations shipment. So even if your International Settings in ShippingEasy specify a name to include as the signature on customs forms, on Mail Innovations labels the Signature line will always be blank.

Why am I getting a label error message?

What does the "weight for the selected service must be between 6.00 and 15.99 ounces" error message mean?

For the Expedited Mail Innovations service, when the Machineables package type is chosen, the weight of the shipment must be at least 6 ounces. If the weight is less than 6 ounces you will see an error message: The packaged weight for the selected service must be between 6.00 and 15.99 ounces.

What does the “Shipper is not authorized for Mail Innovations” error message mean?

This error message:

indicates that your UPS account has not been enabled for UPS Mail Innovations.

Please contact your UPS account manager to get your UPS account enabled for Mail Innovations.

What does the “The selected service is not valid with the selected packaging” error message mean?

You will see this error message displayed when you attempt to create a UPS Mail Innovations label and select a non-valid packaging option for UPS Mail Innovations.

UPS Mail Innovations works differently than other UPS services in that only a specific set of package types that are defined by UPS are valid for use with UPS Mail Innovations services.

For example, when creating a domestic Expedited Mail Innovations shipment, you must choose from one of the carrier packaging selections:

For more information, refer to our article on which package options are valid for UPS Mail Innovations?

Can I cancel a UPS Mail Innovations shipment?

No. UPS does not support canceling a UPS Mail Innovations shipment. If you decide not to ship the package, you can throw away the UPS Mail Innovations label.


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