How to use ShippingEasy with Stripe Relay

Stripe Relay integrates directly with ShippingEasy. Stripe Relay is a popular platform for selling on mobile and social platforms like Twitter and Spring. Stripe Relay makes it really easy, for example, to put a "Buy Now" button into a tweet. After your customers buy, ShippingEasy's integration with Stripe Relay makes it easy to fulfill and ship those orders.

ShippingEasy automatically queries to read the orders from your Stripe Relay account and then loads them into your ShippingEasy account. You will see the Stripe Relay orders on the ORDERS page in ShippingEasy as soon as you log in. Once shipped, shipment data will be sent back to Stripe Relay.To integrate your Stripe Relay store with ShippingEasy, follow our step-by-step guide .

Click through the sections below to find more details on how Stripe Relay works with ShippingEasy.

Syncing Orders

Once Stripe Relay is integrated with ShippingEasy, orders that have been placed in the last 14 days will begin to appear on the ORDERS page. The following are frequently asked questions about syncing orders from Stripe Relay to ShippingEasy.

How often are my orders synced from Stripe Relay to ShippingEasy?

By default, ShippingEasy will sync with your store hourly to pull in any new orders.

How do I get existing Stripe Relay orders synced to my new ShippingEasy account?

If you have orders older than 14 days old, you can create manual orders for these shipments. Learn how to add manual orders one-by-one or via a CSV file.

Are payment transactions sent from my Stripe account to ShippingEasy?

No. Only Stripe Relay orders in your Stripe account are sent to ShippingEasy. 

Are all orders sent from my Stripe Relay account to ShippingEasy?

No. Only orders with a status of Paid or Created in Stripe Relay are sent to ShippingEasy. 

How are order status values mapped from Stripe Relay to ShippingEasy?
Stripe Relay Status ShippingEasy Status
Created Awaiting Payment
Paid Awaiting Shipment
Is it possible to prevent ShippingEasy from bringing in unpaid orders?

Yes, you can create a shipping rule that automatically clears orders that have a status in ShippingEasy of Awaiting Payment. Note, however, that the cleared order will never be displayed on the Orders page in ShippingEasy, even if the status of the order changes in Stripe Relay from Created to Paid

Another option would be to create a shipping rule in ShippingEasy that categorizes each order that has a status of Awaiting Payment, to make it easier to filter to those orders on your Orders page. You could choose to then manually clear each order or wait until the order is paid. Unfortunately, the Stripe Relay user interface does not allow you to change the status of an order from Created to Paid in Stripe Relay, so there is no way for ShippingEasy to be notified that the status of the order changed.

What happens if I click Sync on the ShippingEasy ORDERS page?

The Sync link prompts ShippingEasy to pull through orders in an approved status. If your store is set up for automatic order downloads, selecting the Sync link will download orders since the last time a sync completed.

A sync is run automatically each night and can be run manually using the Sync link.

If you have disabled the automatic order download, you must use Sync to download your orders. It can take 15-20 minutes for orders to populate after selecting Sync.

Editing Orders and Shipments

ShippingEasy can recognize when certain changes have been made to an order in your store. For a complete overview, check out our FAQs on the topic. The following are frequently asked questions specific to Stripe Relay orders that are still on the ORDERS page.

Is the requested shipping method displayed in ShippingEasy?


Can I tell which sales channel was the source of a Stripe Relay order?

Yes. Click the Arrange Columns link on the ORDERS page and add the "Sales Channel" column to the "Show Columns" list. 

Can the Stripe Relay user interface that displays as a Twitter order ID be displayed in ShippingEasy?

Yes. Click the Arrange Columns link on the ORDERS page and add the "Alt. Order Number" column to the "Show Columns" list.

Shipment Changes and Updates

ShippingEasy updates your store with order information throughout the entire shipping process.

What information is sent back from ShippingEasy to Stripe Relay?

Once an order has been shipped in ShippingEasy, the order status is set to Fulfilled in Stripe Relay.

In addition, the carrier name, service, and tracking number are sent as metadata to Stripe Relay: 

If I combine Stripe Relay orders in ShippingEasy, will ShippingEasy update both orders in Stripe Relay?

Yes. All of the Stripe Relay orders will be set to a status of Fulfilled in Stripe Relay. 

If I cancel an order in Stripe Relay, will it be removed automatically from ShippingEasy?

Yes. As long as the order is still on the Orders page in ShippingEasy (no shipment has been created) then cancelling an order in Stripe Relay will automatically clear it from the Orders page in ShippingEasy.

Why is there a store update exception on my Stripe Relay shipment?

If you ship a Stripe Relay order that was not paid for in Stripe Relay, an error indicator is shown on the Shipment History page because Stripe Relay does not allow changing the status of an order from Created to Fulfilled

Orders and Product Information

ShippingEasy displays your order and product information on the ORDERS page, where you can customize what information you see. Learn more about customizing your ORDERS page.

What product information from Stripe Relay is displayed in ShippingEasy?

The following product details are displayed in ShippingEasy:

  1. Name
  2. SKUs
  3. Weights
  4. Product Options. Learn more about configuring ShippingEasy to display product options.

This information can be found by navigating to SETTINGS > Edit Store Settings link under the Stripe Relay store listing.

In Stripe Relay, each SKU is defined as part of a Product. The attributes (weight, dimensions, description, image, and price) used by ShippingEasy are read from the Product in Stripe Relay unless that attribute is defined at the SKU level in Stripe Relay. So SKU level settings in Stripe Relay take precedence over Product level settings in Stripe Relay.
Are warehouse locations displayed in ShippingEasy?

No. Stripe Relay does not have a specific attribute for describing the warehouse location for a product.

Email Notifications

Stripe Relay automatically sends shipment confirmation emails to your customer once their order has been shipped. Return label emails can be automatically sent to customers if they have included an email address with their order. Learn more about automatically sending prepaid return labels.

Customer Marketing

ShippingEasy offers a Customer Marketing solution to help build and grow relationships with your customers. Customer Marketing can be added to your ShippingEasy subscription at any time. A Customer Marketing subscription is managed by selecting a tier which determines how many emails you can send each month. Learn more about email credits.



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