Release Notes thru 2016-03-23


  • Added User Permissions. Feature overview:
    • The account owner can limit access to certain parts of ShippingEasy on a per-user basis. 
    • Users are alerted when attempting to access a feature for which they do not have permission. The alert contains a clickable link that generates an email to the account owner to request access.
    • User permissions are visible on the user's PROFILE page. Find this in the top right corner of the account: click on the user name, then select My Profile. If ConnectEasy is enabled, the PROFILE page will display ConnectEasy printer assignments and credentials.

    Learn more about User Permissions


  • Changed how some platforms are updated for USPS domestic First Class Large Envelope/Flat shipments. ShippingEasy will no longer send the reference number to Amazon, eBay, or Shopify, as it is not a true tracking number. USPS does not provide tracking on domestic First Class Large Envelope/Flat shipments. Learn more.
  • Updated handling of discount amounts on Amazon orders. If a line item discount is missing, it will be treated as $0 and summed accordingly with the rest of the line items.
  • Resolved issue displaying shipment notification failures for Magento orders. Now, if the store order update to a Magento store fails, the shipment notification failure icon will always be displayed on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Learn more about retrying store order updates.
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