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ShippingEasy an independent subsidiary of, operated fully by the ShippingEasy team. Even after the acquisition, we continue to run ShippingEasy the way we have always run ShippingEasy – wholly committed to saving online sellers time and money on shipping by delivering an easy to use solution backed by world class service.

How do I, the ShippingEasy customer, benefit from this acquisition?

In short, you benefit because we are able to meet more of your needs and solve more of your shipping problems faster.

This is best described by 2 statements:

  1. backs us in doubling down on our commitment to save online sellers time and money on shipping, under the ShippingEasy brand and with our unique service delivery.
  2. We think there is a huge opportunity for us to accelerate the growth of the ShippingEasy platform to solve more pain points for online sellers – and we believe that is the best partner to help us get there faster.

Will the team or leadership of ShippingEasy change?

No, our team and leadership will continue as is. A big part of the reason acquired ShippingEasy is because they recognize the value of our culture, our people, and our leadership. Their desire is for us to continue to grow and develop our product and service in line with our current vision and that’s what we will do.

Will my plan change? Will I still pay ShippingEasy on a monthly basis if I’m on a paid plan?

Nothing will change. You will continue to pay ShippingEasy per your subscription plan (plus applicable taxes, if any) on a monthly basis. You’ll continue to have access to the time and money saving features, as well as product support, that you’ve always received from us! Again, nothing is changing other than who owns us.

Will my labels now be generated through Do I have to create a account?

Starting in February 2019, ShippingEasy began converting established customers from Endicia to Stamps accounts. New customers are given a free account upon sign up. Learn more.

Will the ShippingEasy service change or be combined with service?

As mentioned above, ShippingEasy will continue to run as an independent entity. In legal terminology, ShippingEasy will be a "wholly-owned subsidiary" of Our service will be delivered in the exact same way as it was last week – with our best effort to share knowledge and solve issues efficiently with enormous patience for the task at hand.  When you contact us, you'll still reach the same team in Austin, TX :)

Does this acquisition mean additional leverage for USPS discounts?

The short answer is – No. We already offer the lowest available USPS rates to our customers.

What are the details of the acquisition?

You can read all about the acquisition on Yahoo! Finance. But, that is more about the financial side of the transaction which doesn’t impact our customers. Our customers want to know that ShippingEasy will operate the way we always have. We have a new parent company and shareholder, but we will continue to run independently and offer the same service we always have from Austin, TX.


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