Release Notes thru 2016-06-01

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  • Changes to which services are provided by each Endicia account. Namely, USPS International First Class purchases will be charged to the Endicia Expedited account, instead of the Endicia First Class account. The Endicia accounts have been renamed to "Endicia International & Expedited" and "Endicia First Class Domestic". Learn more about these changes.
  • Changes to USPS customs Form 2976-A and Form 2976-B. The number of allowed characters for address lines have been increased from 27 to 34. A character limit is necessary to ensure that address lines are not truncated.
  • Added new "Quantity" filters on the ORDERS page. The >5 filter has been removed and replaced by a "6", "7", and ">7" filter. This allows for filtering orders containing exactly 6, exactly 7, or more than 7 items. Learn more about filtering unshipped orders.
  • Added new "In the last" filters on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Options to filter for the last "1 hour" and "4 hours" are now available. Learn more about filtering shipped orders.
  • Enhanced the Shopify integration to automatically remove line items from a Shopify order if that line item has been refunded in Shopify. Note that the order must be on the Orders page in ShippingEasy for this feature to work. Learn more about how orders are updated after syncing.
  • Added option to create a USPS SCAN form with only one shipment on it. Learn more about USPS SCAN forms.
  • Resolved issue with problem when sending large number of Shopify shipment notifications back to Shopify. Users should see better performance when updating large numbers of shipped Shopify orders.
  • To receive automatic email updates of ShippingEasy's release notes, follow the Release Notes section
To receive automatic email updates of ShippingEasy's release notes, follow the Release Notes section

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