FAQs: Change to Endicia accounts and postage charges - June 2016

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When exactly is this change happening?

ShippingEasy’s product team will deploy the change around 9pm CST on Wednesday, June 1st. Labels purchased after the deploy will follow the new purchase path. For most customers, this will be Thursday morning, June 2nd.

Why is this change happening?

USPS recently made changes to the classification of certain mail services, including First Class Mail International. The recent change means all postage purchases for First Class Mail International will now be funded by the secondary Endicia account. With the deploy, we will update the Endicia accounts' help text on your Postage Balance page to reflect this change.

I only ship First Class Mail International, what if I have postage left on my account?

If you only ship First Class International and have leftover postage, there are a couple of options:
  1. Use up the postage before the change is deployed on Wednesday night.
  2. If you’re unable to use up the postage, you can certainly close down the Endicia account to be refunded for the postage. Additional information and the steps to close the account can be found HERE.
Further, any remaining postage on the Endicia First Class account can still be used for other domestic, non-expedited services (First Class Mail, Media Mail, Parcel Select).

I have pending First Class Mail International label refunds, where will the money go?

The postage will be refunded to the Endcia account used to purchase the label. Per the answer to the question above, if you’re planning to close down your Endicia First Class account, we recommend waiting until all refund requests are processed to do so.


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