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QuickBooks Desktop:
  • Released a new version of the QuickBooks Desktop integration, v1.0.0.190. For existing users, upgrading is easy: just shut down the QuickBooks Desktop integration program and then restart it in order to get the update.

  • The new version has three new features:
    • An option for creating transactions with the default transaction number that is assigned by QuickBooks, instead of using ShippingEasy’s unique order identifier.
    • An option for creating customers in QuickBooks with either the Company Name or Company Name and Email as the name of the new customer entry in QuickBooks.
    • An option to map internal order notes from ShippingEasy to a custom field in QuickBooks.

    Learn more about mapping data from ShippingEasy to QuickBooks desktop.

  • The new version includes some minor updates:
    • If the billing address in ShippingEasy does not contain a phone number, use the shipping address’s phone number from ShippingEasy when creating a new QuickBooks customer.
    • A broader search across QuickBooks item types when searching for existing products in QuickBooks.
    • The date is now included in each detailed log message.
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