Release Notes thru 2016-04-06


  • Added support for UPS Mail Innovations. ShippingEasy now supports all UPS Mail Innovations services. To access these from ShippingEasy:
    1. Verify that your UPS account has been enabled by UPS for UPS Mail Innovations services.
    2. Connect your UPS account to ShippingEasy. Learn more.
    3. Within ShippingEasy, enable your UPS account for UPS Mail Innovations. Learn more.

    Learn more about using UPS Mail Innovations with ShippingEasy.


  • The Shopify integration has been updated to use ShippingEasy's current store integration technology. This has no impact on the features provided with this integration.
  • Added new data set to reports. Warehouse/bin data is now available in the Shipping Reports and Custom Reports. Find out what data is available in Reports.
  • Additional enhancement to the handling of invalid addresses (see last related Release Notes). The change impacts orders entered into the QUICK SHIP (Manual Orders) page with missing address lines. When the Address Line 1 and/or City are missing or cannot be parsed, ShippingEasy will not attempt to validate the address. The empty individual address fields will be displayed with a message about the parsing error. Once the address has been corrected, the order can be created as usual.
  • Resolved error viewing orders on the READY TO SHIP page that affected some accounts with multiple user logins. Now, if the user login has been granted permission to "View All Unshipped Orders", that user can load any order from the READY TO SHIP page search bar. This applies even if the order has not been previously assigned to the user login (ie. isn't visible when the ORDERS page is filtered to "My Orders"). Learn more about related topics:
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