Release Notes thru 2016-03-08


  • Added option to sync with individual stores, or all stores, on demand. The "Sync with Store" button has been renamed "Sync". Before, clicking "Sync with Store" would prompt ShippingEasy to request new order information for all connected stores.
    NOTE: not all platforms support this action. Learn more.
    Now, clicking "Sync" will open a new window with the option to sync individual stores or all stores. Features include:
    • The last time that each store was synced is displayed. If the last sync occurred on the present day, only the time is shown (no date). If the last sync occurred on a previous day, both the date and time are shown.
    • To sync individual stores, select the "cyclic" sync icon to the right of the store name. When a store is actively syncing, the sync icon for that store spins.
      NOTE: updates to the sync-in-progress or time-of-last-sync occur when the window is opened, but not while it is open. For instance, if the Sync window is opened, and sync selected for a store, the sync icon will spin as long as the window remains open. If the window remains open, it will not stop spinning - even once the sync is complete. To see an updated status, close the Sync window and reopen it.
  • Added support for Recipient billing on UPS shipments. As of this release, USP does not assess a fee for billing directly to the recipient (in contrast with Third Party billing). Postage can be billed to a Recipient manually on the READY TO SHIP page or via a Shipping Rule:
    • On the READY TO SHIP page, within the Billing section, specify the recipient's UPS account number and the postal code that is associated with that UPS account number.
    • Via Shipping Rules, specify the action to "Set saved recipient billing". The billing information will be selected from your saved Third Party accounts. Learn more.
  • A "Carrier" filter has been added to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. One or more carriers can be selected with this filter. This will limit the viewed shipments to just those that were shipped via the selected carrier(s). Learn more about filtering shipments.


  • Version 4.10 has been released for Windows and Mac. It contains the following fixes and features:
    • Resolved error which caused some clients to get stuck in a "connecting" state indefinitely.
    • Improvements to client's network connection.
    • Reduced bandwidth requirements.
    • More predictable timeouts when socket is being established.
    • Improved logging.
    • Faster shutdown of the application in some circumstances.
  • New packing slip template variable: {{store.store_name}}. This pulls the Store Name from the STORES & ORDERS settings pages. The variable can be typed directly into the template editor or populated by a new button, “Store Name”. The "Store Name" button can be found in the Packing Slip Template editor variables list, under the "Store Variables" section.
    NOTE: this new button replaces the previous “Store” button which did not work. This new button and template variable differs from the “Name” button and {{}} variable.The "Name" variable retrieves the store name from the "Name" field of the stored address associated with the store..
  • Updated the displayed price for FedEx confirmation services (adult signature, etc) on the READY TO SHIP page. This does change how the Shipping Cost displays. Only the prices listed in the "Additional Shipment Options", Confirmation menu have been edited.
  • Changed the name displayed for a UPS service on the READY TO SHIP page. UPS has re-branded their “UPS Next Day Air® Early AM” as “UPS Next Day Air® Early.” ShippingEasy now displays the new name.
  • Updated the displayed price for UPS confirmation services (adult signature, etc) on the READY TO SHIP page, for qualifying Amazon Prime shipments. When a UPS service is assigned to an Amazon Prime shipment, the "Additional Shipment Options", Confirmation menu will display the costs of add-ons.
    NOTE: this does not change the display of add-ons when selecting UPS through a directly integrated UPS account. Confirmation options in this instance have never included prices
  • Added additional handling for Shopify orders. If a Shopify product is downloadable, exclude it from the Shopify order. If a Shopify order only contains downloadable products, do not display the order in ShippingEasy at all. Learn more.
  • Changed handling of international addresses. Punctuation (commas, periods, tick-marks) will not be removed from the street and city portions of international addresses. 
  • Resolved a specific issue in connecting a UPS account with ShippingEasy. UPS requires account numbers are entered as ALL-CAPS. When the UPS account number is entered with lower-case characters, ShippingEasy will now automatically correct the case to meet this rule. This will prevent some errors registering a UPS account with ShippingEasy.
  • Resolved issue syncing international PayPal orders. Now PayPal orders with an international shipping address, that specify a country but not a city, will be displayed on the ORDERS page. However, the address will still need to be edited, to specify a city, before the label can be created.
  • Resolved issue with recipient data on Yahoo orders. If a Company Name is specified in the shipping address on a Yahoo order, include it in the shipment label address.
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