Will Shopify digital products or services sync into ShippingEasy?

No, ShippingEasy will not sync order line items for digital products from your Shopify store. This means that if a Shopify order contains:

  • only digital products or services: the order will not sync into ShippingEasy.
  • both physical and digital products or services: only the physical products will be displayed when the order syncs into ShippingEasy. 

More information about designating a product as "digital" within Shopify:

On Shopify you can sell physical products that require shipping and digital products or services that do not require shipping. When you add products to your Shopify store, there is setting that controls if your product requires shipping. By default, this setting is enabled on all new products. Learn more about selling services or digital products in Shopify

When the requires shipping setting is enabled this indicates that you are selling a physical product that needs to be shipped to your customer. So, ShippingEasy will always pull in your products that are flagged as requiring shipping.

When the requires shipping setting is disabled this indicates that you are selling a digital product or service that does not need to be shipped to your customer. So, ShippingEasy will not pull in your products that are flagged as not requiring shipping. 


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