Release Notes thru 2016-03-01



  • Additional messaging added to multi-box UPS and FedEx shipments when a Declared Value for UPS or FedEx insurance is specified. Since the Declared Value is used on every (each) box in the shipment, the new message will clearly state this fact. For example: a shipment with three packages and $50 in Declared Value, will result in $50 of insurance for each package, or $150 for the total shipment.
  • Updated various reports featuring Item Description, including the "Complete Shipping Report" and "Order Reports". When the STORES & ORDERS settings state that Product Options should be displayed, the Item Description will consistently display these options in Reports.
  • Enhanced UPS account registration with ShippingEasy. Detailed error messaging will be displayed when an unexpected error occurs. This will make it easier to correct any encountered errors.
  • Resolved issue displaying Condition Note on Amazon orders. The Amazon Condition Note will be correctly displayed in the optional "Condition Note" column on the ORDERS page and on emails or packing slips. Learn more about using the Condition Note within ShippingEasy.
  • Resolved display error on the SHIPMENT HISTORY page when cancelling some shipments. There was a display error when cancelling a shipment if Shipurance had been requested, but the purchase of Shipsurance had failed. Now, the shipment can be cancelled and the SHIPMENT HISTORY page will correctly reflect the cancelled status.
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