Release Notes thru 2016-02-23


  • Enhancement to our Magento integration. An option has been added to capture payment on an order when Magento is configured to use a third party payment processor. Setting up this option can help streamline a store's workflow, but it is turned off by default. Enable "Payment Capture on Shipment" for Magento stores within the STORES & ORDERS settings. Learn more.
  • Enhancement to our Yahoo integration. An option has been added to use the "Code" field in Yahoo as the "SKU" in ShippingEasy. Before only the "Default ID" field in Yahoo could be mapped to the "SKU" field in ShippingEasy. Customized field mapping can make order processing easier for Yahoo merchants who use the "Code" field, but it is turned off by default. Enable ShippingEasy to use the "Code" within the STORES & ORDERS settings. Learn more.


  • Enhancement to our integration. Once an order has been shipped, ShippingEasy will update with the cost of the label. Previously, this information was not included in the shipment notification ShippingEasy sends to 
  • Changed how data for multi-box shipments is communicated with Shipsurance. The changes make it easier to file a Shipsurance insurance claim for multi-box shipments.
  • New notification added to the SHIPMENT HISTORY page that impacts insured shipments. The notification will appear when a shipment that includes Shipsurance insurance is cancelled. Since cancelling the label will also cancel the insurance coverage, the popup notes that Shipsurance will not pay out any claim filed for the cancelled shipment.
  • Updated the communication security protocols used for registering UPS accounts. The changes are in accordance with upcoming changes to UPS' security requirements.
  • Resolved shipment weight rounding errors which prevented the purchase of international shipment labels. Now, if the shipment weight is within 0.1 ounce of the total customs weight, the label can be purchased.
  • Amended restrictions on insurance purchases on pre-paid return shipments per Shipsurance's Terms of Use. Insurance coverage is for outbound shipments and is package-by-package, only. Coverage is not available for shipments of returned merchandise that is sent back to the insured. Learn more.
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