How to: Add a custom label (SKU) to an eBay order

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Customers with eBay stores can find it useful to track their products with custom labels, also know as SKUs. When custom labels (SKUs) are added to eBay products, it opens a range of options in ShippingEasy. Packing slips and pick lists both become more useful. In addition, you can fully leverage the possibilities of the Product Catalog.

There are two ways to add a custom label to an eBay order:

Below are the steps for each of these scenarios.

Add a custom label to an existing order in eBay:

  1. Log into your eBay account and go to My eBay. Expand the Selling Manager menu and select the appropriate filter for you order. i.e Awaiting Payment

  2. If you don't see the Custom Label column displayed select Customize.

  3. From the left options, "Pick columns you want to view", select the Custom label column. From the right options, "Arrange column", choose which order you want it to be displayed. Then Apply these settings.

  4. Locate an order. From the "Custom label" column, select [Add] and enter the Custom Label (SKU) for your item.

  5. That's it! The custom label (SKU) has been applied to the order. If the order has not synced with ShippingEasy, this information will be included once the order is imported. However, if the order is already present in ShippingEasy, this change in eBay will not update the order record in ShippingEasy. 


Add a custom label when you initially create your listing on eBay:

  1. The custom label will be added to your listing from the "Create your listing" step. Under "List multiple variations of your item" select Add/Edit variations.

  2. Edit or add your required item variations. Then hit Continue

  3. Finish filling in the specifics about your items. Then hit Continue

  4. On the "Review your variations" page, select Add SKU for your item. Specify a SKU (or Custom Label) for each of your item variations. 
  5. Continue through the remaining steps. You will have the option to upload images for your items as well.

  6. Once you've completed all the steps, double check that your Listings page displays the "Custom label" column. If not, click here to find steps to enable the column.


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