Can I pay the customs duties on a DHL Express shipment?

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Yes. On the READY TO SHIP page for a DHL Express shipment there is a Billing section. By default, the Recipient will be charged for customs duties. When the Recipient is charged for customs duties, the archive label (the label you keep, instead of putting on the package) indicates DAP (for "Delivered At Place) in the Terms of Trade:

Note that when Recipient is chosen, there is an optional field on the Ready to Ship screen to provide a DHL Express account number:

If you do not provide an account number, DHL Express will collect from the recipient before delivering the package.

You can select either Sender or Third Party from the Customs Duties Paid By list to have the customs duties paid for by your DHL Express account or the account of a third party. If you pay for the customs duties, then the Terms of Trade will indicate DDP (for "Delivered Duties Paid"):

If you choose Third Party from the Customs Duties Paid By list, note that DHL Express charges a $15.00 per shipment fee that is not reflected in the rate quote.


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