Release Notes thru 2016-02-16


  • Version 4.9.1 has been released for Windows to resolve an error that some users experienced when installing version 4.9.0. Any users that experienced an error installing the previous version on Windows should download ConnectEasy from ShippingEasy again. Learn more.
  • The Etsy integration has been updated to use ShippingEasy's current store integration technology. A key new feature has been added:
  • Changes to USPS customs PS Form 2976-A and PS Form 2976-B. The number of allowed characters in each address line have been reduced from 35 to 30. This is necessary because of changes to USPS customs forms requirements as of January 17, 2016. Learn more about USPS character limits.
  • Resolved problem clearing individual line items from Amazon orders. Now, if a line item is cancelled by a buyer, ShippingEasy will not display the cancelled line item.
  • Resolved display error when using the "Preview PDF" button in the packing slip editor. Learn more about previewing packing slip templates.
  • Resolved Shipping Rule error caused by rules which specify actions to both clear an order and create a shipment. Now, any Shipping Rule with both these actions will fail to create a shipment and the order will be cleared.
  • Resolved problem with scan-based return labels when the shipment weight has two decimal places (hundredths place). Now, scan-based return labels can be successfully generated when weights are specified up to the hundredths place.
  • Resolved error seen on API calls to Spree Commerce stores, as a result of recent updates Spree Commerce made to their API URL.
  • Resolved problem setting the default payer for customs duties/taxes on DHL Express shipments when a Saved Carrier Selection is used. Now, the default payer will always be set to "Recipient".
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