Release Notes thru 2016-01-19


  • Version 4.9.0 has been released for Mac and Windows. It contains the following fixes and features:
    • Faster authentication on Mac OS X.
    • Fixed constant connection/disconnection cycling experienced by some users.
    • Client now logs Windows driver information to aid in debugging.
    • Fixed date time bug that could cause client to disconnect/reconnect for some users.
    • Support for system trusted SSL certificates on Windows, to reduce security alerts for users with security applications on their network.
    • Client will now automatically import old configuration files from recent clients (the credentials information and printer settings) when upgrading, addressing issues some users experienced upgrading to v4.8.2.
QuickBooks Desktop Integration:
  • Version has been released. Existing users of the QuickBooks Desktop integration need to shutdown the integration program and then restart it to download the update. It contains the following bug fix:
    • Correct handling of the data in an existing Item in QuickBooks when the matching Item is of type “Inventory Assembly".
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