Release Notes thru 2016-02-09


  • The Amazon and Volusion integrations have been updated to use ShippingEasy's current store integration technology. This has no impact on the features provided with each integration.
  • Improved the response of the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page when it is unable to communicate with our payment processor. The payment processor is used to source "Billing Information" on the SUBSCRIPTION & BILLING page. Now, if this information cannot be obtained, the rest of the page will load and the "Billing Information" section will display the message: Billing information is currently unavailable.
  • Updated the REPORTS page "Store" filter:
    • All stores that have been set up for an account will be shown, not just those with unique store names.
    • If a store is archived, a note is added at the end of the store name: [archived]
  • Resolved issue that automatically rounded 15.99 ounces to 16 ounces. Orders weighing 15.99 or less are eligible for USPS First Class Package Service rates, among other carrier rates.
  • Resolved issue that prevented updates made in Magento to recipient address data from also updating to ShippingEasy. Now, when the recipient's address is updated on an order in Magento, this information is updated to ShippingEasy. NOTE: due to a limitation in Magento, more than just the recipient address must be modified in order for Magento to notify ShippingEasy of a change to the order. Learn more.
  • Correct handling of eBay orders that contain addresses in the Hebrew alphabet or other non-Latin alphabet characters.
  • Resolved problem with Magento gift messages being displayed twice. Gift messages will only be displayed once for Magento orders.
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