Release Notes thru 2016-01-16


  • Added new email template variable: {{shipment.tracking_number}} This new variable displays the shipment tracking number in the email without making the tracking number a clickable link. A custom hyperlink can be added if desired. Learn more about customizing email templates
  • On UPS outbound domestic shipments, do not include a “DESC” with the shipment’s description on the label. On UPS return shipments and on UPS international shipments, the term “Merchandise” will be displayed on the label as the “DESC” value. 

USPS implemented rate and service changes on January 17th. The following updates to ShippingEasy were made to accommodate the USPS changes. Learn more.



  • Removed Priority Mail Regional Rate Box C and all Priority Mail Express Flat Rate boxes because USPS has discontinued supporting these package types.
  • Extended domestic First Class rates to 15.9 oz for all customers.
  • Added error messaging to the Order details to alert when a Shipping Rule is trying to assign a package type that no longer exists, per USPS service changes.
  • Updated the display of included insurance on READY TO SHIP for USPS international Priority Mail shipments, as USPS is now providing $200 of included coverage on international Priority Mail shipments (with the exception of Small Flat Rate box and Flat Rate envelopes).

International Customs Forms:

  • Removed support for the 8.5" x 5.33" international USPS label because USPS is standardizing on 4" x 6" for all international labels. Customers who had 8.5" x 5.33" selected for international USPS labels will have their label setting for international shipments set to 4" x 6". Learn more about available label sizes.
  • Allow more than 5 line items on USPS PS Form-2976, which is used on all international First Class and some Priority Mail shipments. If more than 5 line items are present, then an additional “continuation page” label will be included.
  • Include the free electronic delivery confirmation (e-DELCON) on USPS First Class and Priority Mail shipments to these four countries that USPS is adding to the e-DELCON program as part of the January rate change: Slovakia, Turkey, Lebanon, and Norway. Learn more about e-DELCON.
  • The “Sender’s Copy” will no longer print for customs PS Form 2976-A, so shipments requiring this form will only require 3 labels. 
  • Display “2976-B” as the customs form name on READY TO SHIP when Priority Mail Express is the chosen service, as USPS now requires the PS Form 2976-B for Priority Mail Express international shipments. Learn more about USPS customs forms.
  • Display “2976” as the customs form name on READY TO SHIP when Priority Mail is the chosen service and the destination is either APO or a US Territory (Guam, Palau, etc.). Learn more about USPS customs forms.
  • Print only a single page on customs form PS Form 2976-A or PS Form 2976-B if the destination is APO, US Territory, Canada, Australia, or Costa Rica, as USPS now only requires a single page customs form for these destinations.

Consolidator Services:

  • Change to a new format for the ePacket shipping labels, as Endicia has update this label format. The new format is a single page, 4x6 label (instead of the former 2-page 4x4 labels). NOTE: we are working to address an issue that is see when an ePacket label is printed with a packing slip in tandem.


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