Release Notes thru 2016-02-03


  • Support added for DHL Express, opening up options for US-based ShippingEasy users to access additional international services.

    Merchants with individually negotiated DHL Express accounts, as well as those who access DHL Express rates through InXpress, can connect their account with ShippingEasy to access DHL Express rates and services.

    Detailed documentation has been added:

    Among the supported features for DHL Express are multi-box shipments, third-party billing for shipping charges and/or customs duties, as well as electronic customs forms (as permitted by destination).

    NOTE: our team is aware of three issues in the integration and we will prioritize fixes:

    • Shipments to US Territories (Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, etc) are not currently supported. 
    • On the READY TO SHIP page, using a Saved Selection to choose DHL Express as the Carrier causes the selection for "Customs Duties Paid By" to be set to “Sender” instead of the default value of “Recipient”.
    • On the SHIPMENT HISTORY page, the “group” Print Actions for customs forms for DHL Express shipments is not working. Presently, customs forms must be printed one at a time, when needed. NOTE: a printed copy of the customs form is not always needed - learn more.


  • Changed ORDERS page filters:
    • Updated Weight filters to accommodate the recent changes USPS made to First Class Package Service:
      • The "< 13oz" Weight filter on the ORDERS page has been configured to be "< 1lb". When the "< 1lb" filter is selected, only orders with a total weight less-than 1 pound will be displayed. 
      • The "13oz-3lb" Weight filter on the ORDERS page has been reconfigured to be "1lb-3lb". When the "1lb-3lb" filter is selected, only orders with a total weight greater-than-or-equal-to 1 pound, and less-than-or-equal-to 3 pounds will be displayed. 
    • Updated Weight and Age filters to display correct comparison characters. Ex: the "5lb" Weight filter returns all orders that are equal-to-or-greater-than 5 pounds, so the symbol has been corrected to display ≥ instead of >; the "5lb" filter now reads "≥ 5lb". Similar changes were made to other Weight and Age filters.
    • Resolved issue with Age filters to correctly filter for orders less-than-or-equal-to 12 hours when "≤ 12 hours" is selected.
  • Resolved problem with Shipping Rules, which prevented the "Clear the order" action from successfully clearing qualifying orders. Now, when a rule specifies an action to "Clear the order", any orders which meet the conditions will be cleared from ShippingEasy.
  • Resolved problem with the ORDERS page "Clear Orders" button. Orders are cleared only when the action is confirmed by selecting "OK". 
  • Resolved problem with Magento orders downloading when a specific product key was missing from the order data. 
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