Release Notes thru 2015-12-31

We've recapped our YTD 2015 feature releases below. Scroll through and make sure you're taking advantage of every new time and money saving product feature! Follow the Release Notes section to receive email updates whenever we deploy updates to ShippingEasy.



  • Search improvements:
    • Global search bar will locate shipments from any page in app (Alt-Shift-S on PCs, Ctrl-Option-S on Mac), search by:
      • Order Number
      • Tracking Number
      • Alternate Order Number
      • Recipient Name
      • Recipient Email
    • Updates to Orders page search to improve system performance
  • Order downloads improved:
  • Quick Ship enhancements:
  • Edit orders in more ways:
  • Organize orders more efficiently:
    • Select a range of orders (hold down SHIFT)
    • Assign Orders to Users and then view only assigned Orders for a login
    • Customize columns
      • Save sort by column and provide indicators
      • Additional columns available on Orders page in Arrange Columns option
        • Packing Slip Printed
        • Gift Message
        • Customer Comment
        • Internal Notes
        • Warehouse/Bin
        • Buyer ID (for eBay orders, links to buyer's profile)
        • Condition Note (for Amazon orders)
        • Item Number (for eBay orders, links to listing)
        • Sales Channel (for ChannelAdvisor, Stitch Labs, Solid Commerce)
        • Alternate Order Number (for ChannelAdvisor, Stitch Labs, Solid Commerce)
        • Order Reference ID
        • $Rate
        • Saved Selection
          • Set using Shipping Rule with manual override option
          • Displays AutoShip if recommendation exists
        • AutoShip
    • Store hover – to view more information on each Store from orders page
    • Filter options added on Orders page
    • Order status updates from store now reflected in ShippingEasy after initial download for certain store types (Amazon, Americommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Stitch Labs, Storenvy, Volusion)
    • Enhance Orders page performance when sorting by order number or orders age
    • Display warehouse location/bin on Orders page when saved to Product Catalog
  • Print 4x6 Packing Slips from the Orders page
  • Order details improved
    • Close by clicking anywhere on page
    • Enhancements to prevent data being cut off
    • Product images displayed
  • Improvements to Add Manual Order
    • Enhancements to "Parse & Paste" tool when address cannot be parsed
    • More accurate SmartyStreets API for parsing addresses

Products, Packing Slips, Pick Lists

  • Print more documents from Batch History list on Ready to Print page
  • Product Catalog with single product or comprehensive CSV upload (get sample here) of all products
    • Weight in Product Catalog can override store weight for a given SKU
    • Warehouse location/bin can be added to a product within an Order if it's missing this value from store
    • Customs form product data (description, harmonized code, declared value, country of manufacture) auto populates Customs Forms.
    • Product images can be saved to populate custom packing slips and emails
    • New products automatically added when included in orders from certain stores (Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, Shopify, Volusion) + option in Stores & Orders settings to not automatically create product listings
    • Download the product catalog
    • Update product weights from the Ready to Ship page
    • Assign dimensions to individual SKUs and map to single line item orders
  • Product Categories available with attributes to override missing data of all attached products
    • Assign category weight to any product within category missing weight
    • Designate a master SKU and set as a Shipping Rule condition
    • Categorize products via initial CSV upload
  • Add more information to Packing Slips and confirmation emails
    • Product images
    • Condition Note mapping from Amazon orders
    • Discount Amount for certain store types (Amazon, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Volusion, WooCommerce)
    • Total Quantity
    • Barcode for easy loading of orders to the Ready to Ship page and tracking SKU inventories
    • Sales Channel (for ChannelAdvisor, Stitch Labs, Solid Commercer)
    • Alternate Order Number (for ChannelAdvisor, Stitch Labs, Solid Commerce)
    • Order Reference ID
    • Custom images
    • Sales Tax (for Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Magento, Shopify, Volusion, WooCommerce)
  • Print 4x6 Packing Slips from the Orders page
  • Image Library - upload your images and add them packing slips + confirmation emails
  • Updates to Settings page to improve system performance





  • ConnectEasy
    • New versions of ConnectEasy: v4.8.1 for Mac and Windows
    • Reprint from Shipment History page to printer (print icon) or PDF (page icon)
    • Improved error handling if a printer is disconnected or no longer available
    • Print jobs downloaded in parallel, speeding up batch printing
    • Available for free with all Basic and above subscriptions; add to Starter plan for $5/mo
  • Ready to Print page
  • Orders page
  • Print orders by Item SKU Sequence
  • Updates to Ready to Print page to improve system performance

Integrations: Platforms, Carriers, Account and Inventory Mgmt

  • Recent launches:
  • QuickBooks Desktop improvements
    • Map store names to custom field in QuickBooks Desktop
    • Choose which orders placed before integrating will sync
    • Assign all of a store's orders to a single customer
    • Only sync shipped orders
    • Seamless addition of stores to QuickBooks when a new store is added to ShippingEasy
    • Automatically apply the item price from ShippingEasy to transactions
    • Select transaction type per store
    • Search/create customers using combinations of email address and/or buyer first and/or last name
    • Enhanced tax handling
  • Platform enhancements:
    • 3dcart
      • Enhance unshipped order downloads
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • ChannelAdvisor
      • Map "Special Instructions: Buyer Message" to the customer comments field in ShippingEasy
    • Magento enhancements:
      • Select which Order states pull into ShippingEasy
      • Choose to sync bundled products as single or multiple line items
      • Support for TLS v1.2 on Magento stores
      • Option to bring in Customer Comments (in Stores & Orders settings)
    • PayPal
      • Display gift notes in order details and on packing slips
    • Shopify
    • Solid Commerce
      • Update shipped orders with carrier name
    • Volusion
      • Coupons mapped to the buyer comments field
    • WooCommerce
      • V2.x available for download from ShippingEasy
      • V3.x available for download from WooThemes (latest version v3.1.3)
    • Open API (ShippingEasy API store)
      • Communication options available in Stores & Orders settings
      • Send shipment weight in shipment notification callback
      • Added API endpoint to lookup an order by the store order number
    • Delaying the sending of tracking information back to your store with post-dated labels (find in Communications in your Store Settings)
    • Order status updates from store now reflected in ShippingEasy after initial download for certain store types (Amazon, Americommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, Stitch Labs, Storenvy, Volusion)
    • Comprehensive list of how to get in touch with any of our integrated partners (contact details for partners)
    • Improved handling of combined orders for certain store types (AmeriCommerce, Volusion, Yahoo)
  • Carrier additions and enhancements:
  • Customer Address book enhancements:
  • Subscription management improvements:
    • Past subscription invoices downloadable from Subscription & Billing page



As always, we'd love to hear from you! Please submit feature requests in our Community forum.


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