Can I print a customs form for my international DHL Express shipments?

Yes, a commercial invoice that contains all the necessary customs form information is available from the SHIPMENT HISTORY page. Just click the arrow on the Reprint button and then choose Customs Form.

You can print the form and then provide it to DHL Express when they pickup your shipment. 

However, printing the customs form is not necessary for shipments to most countries. ShippingEasy will automatically transmit the customs information to DHL Express when you print the DHL Express shipping label. When the customs information has been sent automatically to DHL Express, you will see the term "Paperless Trade" on the archive label (the label you keep, instead of putting on the package):

DHL Express publishes  a list of countries for which it supports automatic submission of customs form data.

ShippingEasy will display a reminder to print the customs form if DHL Express does not support automatic submission of customs form data to the destination country for your shipment.  

For countries that support automatic submission of customs data but only up to a certain value, ShippingEasy never submits the customs data automatically because those values can change. For example, you will always need to print the customs form for a DHL Express shipment to Mexico, even if the value of the shipment is less than $50.


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