How to: Use InXpress rates with your DHL Express account

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InXpress is an authorized sales partner for DHL Express and provides customers with greater value, added shipping solutions, and genuine personalized customer service. Learn more about opening an InXpress account.

After you open your InXpress account, you can configure ShippingEasy to display your InXpress rates in ShippingEasy when you select a DHL Express service.

To configure ShippingEasy to use InXpress rates for your DHL Express shipments:

  1. From the SETTINGS tab, navigate to POSTAGE AND CARRIERS.

  2. Scroll down to the entry for DHL Express and then click the Manage account button.

  3. Select InXpress: 

  4. Then click the Save button.

That's it - ShippingEasy will get the rates for your DHL Express shipments from InXpress!


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