Release Notes thru 2016-01-27


  • Updated Flat Rate Green cubic pricing in accordance with recent changes to USPS dimensional pricing. Learn more about USPS rate changes and ShippingEasy's Flat Rate Green.
  • Turned off support for printer and scale applets.
    • As hardware settings are assigned per user, all changes to accounts have been made on a user level. All user logins configured to use the printer applet no longer have direct printing enabled. Similarly, user logins configured to use the scale applet no longer have a USB scale selected. 
    • The hardware settings interface, including the PRINTER and SCALE pages, have been updated. The options to select No direct printing/No scale, Use applet, or Use ConnectEasy have been removed. User logins which have not been configured to use ConnectEasy will find all printer assignments are set to "PDF". In this configuration, all documents printed within ShippingEasy will generate as a PDF to be opened and printed from the browser. Likewise, scale applet assignments have been removed.
    • Accounts that wish to continue using the "Print Now" option or USB scale readings on the READY TO SHIP page will need to configure ConnectEasy. Learn more.
  • The eBay integration has been updated to use ShippingEasy's current store integration technology. Handling of orders that are combined within eBay (before syncing) has changed. ShippingEasy will now display a single order number instead of all the order numbers. The previous order format (series of numbers separated by commas) is available via the Alternate Order Number field and column, as well as searchable from the Global Search Bar.
  • The Magento integration has been updated to use ShippingEasy's current store integration technology. This has no impact on the features it provides. NOTE: the updates produced an inadvertent change that will be fixed in a future release - presently, updates to a Magento order's recipient address information will not automatically sync into ShippingEasy. UPDATE: this has been resolved. Learn more.
  • As of January 27th, 2016 new ShippingEasy accounts can add an unlimited number of store integrations to any paid plan, for no additional cost.
  • Enhancement to the recently added "Tracking Number" variable for email templates. A button has been added to the email template editor to make it easier to add this variable into custom email templates. See previous release notes.
  • Additional internal monitoring of Endicia account activity.
  • Resolved issue with positioning of Commercial ePacket label when the label output format is set to 4x6 label followed by 4x6 packing slip.
  • Resolved shipment date issue, so that when a shipment within a batch fails and is sent back to the READY TO SHIP page to retry, the shipment date is also assigned to the shipment.
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