Quick tips for Priority Mail International

Priority Mail International is a great USPS service that offers quick delivery with affordable prices. It also has a few extra services that can really help you feel secure in your shipping process.


Many people want to know what kind of tracking is available for their Priority Mail International. With this service, tracking is available to Canada, Europe, and Asia. Find out how simple tracking your shipments is with ShippingEasy.

NOTE: This only applies to variable-weight packages and flat-rate boxes. Tracking for Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope is currently unavailable.

When you’re shipping internationally, it's a good idea to consider insuring your shipments. Priority Mail International packages have some options that include limited coverage for loss, damage, or rifling. Make sure you always have the value of your shipments listed on any relevant documents. Learn more about international insurance.

According to USPS, this does not in­clude:

coins; banknotes; currency notes (including paper money); securities of any kind payable to the bearer; traveler’s checks; platinum, gold, and silver; precious stones; jewelry, watches and other valuable articles.

For these items, you can purchase additional merchandise insurance.

Flat-Rate and Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelopes

At this time, you cannot insure Flat-Rate Boxes and Priority Mail Flat-Rate Envelopes. However, these services are available for international use and are a good cost-effective shipping option. For additional security, your Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelopes can be sent Registered Mail to provide you with proof of delivery or attempted delivery.
USPS also offers a Certificate of Mailing, which only provides evidence of mailing, and is available for all Priority Mail International shipments.

With a sizable 20-pound weight limit for allowed contents, the flat rate box is an excellent option for shipping larger goods internationally. If you have something a bit smaller, such as documents or machinable goods, the flat-rate envelope with a 4-pound weight limit may be good choice for you.

Extra rates

If you're worried about balloon rates and dimensional weight pricings-don't! Priority Mail International does not charge these fees.

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