Quick USPS International Mail Insurance tips

What is insurance?

Shipping insurance is added protection purchased to cover the value of the goods being shipped in the event of loss or damage during transit. International insurance is applied to shipments being sent out of the country. 

When shipping international mail, the differences in foreign postal services make it harder to control any errors in handling and delivery. This is why it's a good idea to consider purchasing insurance if something goes wrong.

Does the international service I've selected include insurance?

USPS offers international coverage up to $200 and when combined with ShippingEasy's Shipsurance, you should be able to cover the full value of any item you are sending. 

What if my package is lost?

In the event that something does happen to your packages, insurance inquiries can be initiated for international mail items. While simple, these steps can take some time.

An inquiry must be initiated before a claim can be filed.

For USPS insurance claims:
  • For Express Mail International and Prior­ity Mail International, customers must call 800-222-1811 to initiate an inquiry.
  • If the inquiry determines that a claim can be filed, USPS will provide you with a claim packet. This packet will have detailed instructions.
For Shipsurance insurance claims:
  • If you are using Shipsurance, you can file a claim within the ShippingEasy app. Learn more.

What happens if my package is delivered damaged?

If you or one of your customers receive a damaged package that was sent from a different country, you or your customer will need to:

  • Take the mailing container, wrapping, packaging, and any oth­er contents to any Post Office for inspection.
  • The postmaster will visually verify any damage and give you or your customer an indemnity form. You or your customer will use this to be reimbursed.
NOTE: for Registered Mail, no matter what you declare as the value, at the time of this writing the most money you can get back for loss, damage, or rifling is $43.73. 

How can I prepare my package to reduce likelihood of damage?

Shipping overseas can cause stress when you consider the additional travel time and handling packages are likely to encounter. However, with adequate packing, your goods should arrive safely in their intended condition. Take a look at ShippingEasy's recommended materials for all shipments as well as packing tips for items such as glass, china and porcelain.

Can I buy more insurance?

Yes, from either USPS or ShippingEasy's partner, Shipsurance.

From USPS:

When purchasing postage from USPS.com, you can choose to purchase up to $500 worth of insurance online through USPS. If you’re looking for a little more, you or your customer can go to a post office location and insure up to $5,000.

From Shipsurance:

When purchasing postage within ShippingEasy, you can choose to add additional insurance, in $100 increments, up to $10,000 from Shipsurance. Learn more.

These are just a few quick and simple tips. Utilizing a service such as ShippingEasy makes a lot of decisions much more streamlined, such as automatically applying insurance to packages over a certain amount, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.



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