How can I prepare orders for inclement weather?

Rain or shine, hot or cold, shipping doesn't stop depending on the weather. Prepare your packages for any atmospheric changes they may encounter with these guidelines.

Shipping lower-temperature, sensitive goods

If you’re going to be sending something that needs to stay cold, such as food, you need to make sure you maintain the integrity of the product. Often if something warms up too much during transit it can spoil, go bad, or become toxic. Make sure you pack extra ice if storms or other bad weather is anticipated. 

Additionally, you can double the insulation as well which has the added benefit of helping in case of a perforation of your package. Learn more about packing materials that can help insulate your package.

Shipping higher-temperature, sensitive goods

If you’re shipping something that needs to stay warm there are not a huge amount of options. Overall, the best options is going to be heat packs which can last for up to 20-30 hours and can be perfect for your items that need to stay warm. 


A smart thing to do in case unexpected happens is to make sure your policies all reflect your business protocol during inclement weather. Be sure to update your policy documentation to include language about weather delays being out of your control for shipments and orders. ShippingEasy also allows you to add a special note on the shipping label to signal the contents are perishable or should maintain a specific temperature.


Lastly, be sure to send your packages out sooner rather than waiting until the last minute. Once bad weather hits, things will often get delayed rather than arriving ahead of schedule or even on time. The sooner you send your package the more likely it is to be received within it's expected time frame. 


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